IEEE HotICN 2018拟录用论文, papers tetantively to be accpeted

题目:Coupling DAS, SVC and NDN: an SVC-aware cache and forwarding policy for NDN routers
作者:Wei Liu, Guoqiang Zhang and Qian Gao
题目:Semi-supervised Event Message Identification System for Targeted Domain
作者:San San Nwe and Nan Sai Moon Kham
题目:Performance Comparison and Evaluation of WebSocket Frameworks: Netty,
作者:Wei Liu, Guoqiang Zhang and Qian Gao
题目:A QoS-supported Multi-constrained Routing Strategy Based on Ant-Colony Optimization for Named Data Networking
作者:Zheng Yong, Han Min, He Liuting, Li Ya, Xing Guanglin and Hou Rui
题目:DATE: A Decentralized, Anonymous, and Transparent E-Voting System
作者:Wei-Jr Lai, Ja-Ling Wu, Yung-Chen Hsieh and Chih-Wen Hsueh
题目:A Competitiveness-driven and Secure Incentive Mechanism for Competitive Organizations Data Sharing: A Contract Theoretic Approach
作者:Bingyi Guo, Xiaofang Deng, Quansheng Guan and Jie Tian
题目:A Dynamic and Heterogeneous Byzantine System in Cloud
作者:Yang Chen, Hongchao Hu, Wenyan Liu and Yingying Lv
题目:A Private data Protection Scheme Based on Blockchain under Pipeline Model
作者:Qianyi Dai, Kaiyong Xv, Song Guo, Leyu Dai and Zhicheng Zhou
题目:An in-network collaborative verification mechanism for defending content poisoning in Named Data Networking
作者:Haohao Kang, Yi Zhu, Yu Tao and Jianlong Yang
题目:Identity Based Approach Under a Unified Service Model for Secure Content Distribution in ICN
作者:Jiangtao Luo, Guoliang Xu, Chen He and Edmond Jonckheere
题目:Real-Time Data Retrieval Discovery in Named Data Networking
作者:Spyridon Mastorakis, Peter Gusev, Alexander Afanasyev and Lixia Zhang
题目:A Probability-based Caching Strategy with Consistent Hash in Named Data Networking
作者:Yang Qin, Weihong Yang and Wu Liu
题目:A Top-k Concast Service for Multiple Tiny Data Retrieval in NDN
作者:Zhuhua Liao, Jian Zhang, Zengde Teng and Yizhi Liu
题目:WinCM: A Window based Congestion Control Mechanism for NDN
作者:Minxiao Wang, Meng Yue and Zhijun Wu
题目:Chameleon: A Scalable and Adaptive Permissioned Blockchain Architecture
作者:Guobiao He, Wei Su and Shuai Gao
题目:Name Weighted Round Robin (NWRR) Algorithm for Named Data Networking
作者:Yiming Jiang and Jiangtao Luo
题目:Research and Application of BFT Algorithms Based on the Hybrid Fault Model
作者:Qichao Zhang, Zhuyun Qi and Kai Lei
题目:An Insightful Experimental Study of a Sophisticated Interest Flooding Attack in NDN
作者:Lixia Zhao, Guang Cheng, Xiaoyan Hu, Hua Wu, Jian Gong, Wang Yang and Chengyu Fan
题目:Per-Packet Protection (PPP) Scheme for Named Data Networking
作者:Chen He, Jiangtao Luo, Fei Zhang, Zuoqi Jiang and Mengnan Wang
题目:Joint Faces Scheduling and Bitrate Wwitching for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over NDN based on Stochastic Optimization
作者:Xi Wei, Xiaobin Tan, Xiangyang Wu and Lei Xu
题目:A Blockchain-based key Management Scheme for Named Data Networking
作者:Kai Lei, Junjun Lou, Qichao Zhang and Zhuyun Qi
题目:MANET for Disaster Relief based on NDN
作者:Yang Jin, Xiaobin Tan, Weiwei Feng, Jinyang Lv and Aerman Tuerxun
题目:CoinMingle: A Decentralized Coin Mixing Scheme with a Mutual Recognition Delegation Strategy
作者:Mixue Xu, Chao Yuan, Xueming Si, Gang Yu, Jianhua Fu and Feng Gao
题目:Fast Handover for High-Speed Railway via NDN
作者:Runtong Chen, Wang Yang, Fan Wu and Muhua Sun
题目:Name Label Switching Paradigm supporting dynamic label distribution for NDN
作者:Jichang Hu and Jiangtao Luo
题目:Improve Blockchain Performance using Graph Data Structure and Parallel Mining
作者:Jia Kan, Shangzhe Chen and Xin Huang
题目:Design and Evaluation of a Multi-source Multi-destination Real-time Application on Content Centric Network
作者:Asit Chakraborti, Syed Obaid Amin, Aytac Azgin and Ravi Ravindran
题目:Complex Network Based Knowledge Graph Ontology Structure Analysis
作者:Yuehang Ding, Hongtao Yu, Ruiyang Huang and Yunjie Gu
题目:A Survey of Traffic Classification in Software Defined Networks
作者:Jinghua Yan and Jing Yuan
题目:Education-Industry Cooperative System Based on Blockchain
作者:Qin Liu, Qingchen Guan, Xiaowen Yang, Hongming Zhu, Gill Green and Shaohan Yin
题目:Toward a self-learned Smart Contracts
作者:Ahmed Almasoud, Maged M. Eljazzar and Farookh Hussain
题目:Intelligent Eco Networking (IEN): an Advanced Future Internet of intelligece for Digital Social Economic Ecosystem
作者:Scott Turing
题目:Blockchain-inspired Event Recording System for Autonomous Vehicles
作者:Hao Guo, Ehsan Meamari and Chien-Chung Shen